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Email Configuration (7)
All about Email Configuration
Why can't I connect to your mail server? I use Orange, AOL as my ISP.
Some ISPs block port 25 for the sending of email via SMTP. AOL and Orange are known to be amongst...
How do i Configure email using Outlook Express?
To Setup Outlook Express to work with your The World of Host mail account please follow these...
How do I install Locked Area Lite?
Before you install Locked Area Lite you need to create a folder that you want to protect - this...
Is webmail externally accessible, without going through eXtend?
Webmail is accessible via our website please click on the Top right next to the costumer login!  
Why do i get this ( 550 Relay Not Permitted ) error message wen sending an mail?
In order to send mail through our mail servers, your email client must be configured to use SMTP...

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