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Email Configuration (7)
All about Email Configuration
What is the list of Default Documents in order of priority?
The list of default documents (pages which IIS will serve when only the sub directory is...
Why do i get this ( 550 Relay Not Permitted ) error message wen sending an mail?
In order to send mail through our mail servers, your email client must be configured to use SMTP...
Is webmail externally accessible, without going through eXtend?
Webmail is accessible via our website please click on the Top right next to the costumer login!  
How do I install Locked Area Lite?
Before you install Locked Area Lite you need to create a folder that you want to protect - this...
Why can't I connect to your mail server? I use Orange, AOL as my ISP.
Some ISPs block port 25 for the sending of email via SMTP. AOL and Orange are known to be amongst...

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